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Outdoor Visiting

We are launching outdoor visits for residents and families in accordance with Ministry of Long-Term Care guidelines. We are excited to connect face-to-face (at a safe distance) after months of visiting via technology.


There are specific guidelines to follow to keep everyone safe: 


  • Each visitor will be screened prior to each visit. Please do not visit if you do not feel well.
  • Each visitor must attest to completing a COVID-19 test (swab) within 14 days of the visit that is negative.
  • Physical distancing of a minimum of 6 feet is necessary. 
  • Each visitor must bring and wear a mask or face covering during the visit.
  • Sorry, there can be no deliveries of handing off of presents or food.
  • Visits can be a maximum of 30 minutes with one family visitor per resident. To begin, one visit per week is allowed.
To arrange for a visit, please call the Activity Department at 613-774-2293 at least 48 hours before the requested date. More details will be provided during this call. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


COVID-19 Testing


All residents and staff are proactively tested for COVID-19 every two weeks in the month of June. To date, all tests have been negative. We will continue our vigilance and if residents and staff display any symptoms of illness, they will be tested. We are taking every precaution to keep our residents and staff safe.

Did you know you can send a resident an e-card? We will deliver it for you! 

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