Financial Services

Close up of a caregiver holding an elderly person's hand

Financial Services

Trust Accounts

Dundas Manor has established and will maintain a non-interest bearing trust account at a financial institution in which it shall deposit all money entrusted to it on behalf of a resident. We cannot hold more than $5,000 in the trust account for any resident at any time.

Dundas Manor will keep petty cash trust money, composed of money withdrawn from the trust account, to meet the daily cash needs of the residents who have money deposited in the trust account on their behalf.

A resident, or a person acting on behalf of a resident, may pay Dundas Manor for accommodation and other charges with money from the trust account upon providing the Home with a written authorization.

Dundas Manor has a written policy and procedures for the management of resident trust accounts and the petty cash trust money.

Rate Reductions

Where a long-stay resident of a long-term care home has accessed all sources of income to maximize his or her annual net income, the resident may apply to the Director for a reduced amount payable by the resident for basic (ward) accommodation. The application for a rate reduction can be applied for upon admission.

The resident must submit their Notice of Assessment issued under the Income Tax Act (Canada) for the most recent tax year and may be required to submit other supporting documentation when requested by the Director.

If you would like to apply for a rate reduction or would like more information on the process, please contact Kate Grimes at 613.774.2293 ext. 221.  Read more about getting help to pay for long-term care.