Meet Our Residents' Council

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Meet Our Residents' Council

Providing Input and Ideas


Each year, Dundas Manor residents elect a Leadership Team to lead the Residents' Council. These members speak for all residents and provide input and ideas to help make their home a better place. Thank you to these residents for their commitment!

 Residents Council


What is a Residents' Council?


A Residents' Council is an independent, self-determining group made up of only residents of a long-term care home. The Council is intended and designed to form the collective voice of all residents who reside in the LTC home, whether or not they attend meetings. All residents have the right to participate in the Residents' Council.

The Residents' Council, perhaps with an elected Executive or Leadership Team, meets regularly to provide advice and recommendations to the licensee regarding what the residents would like to see done to improve care or the quality of life in the home, and to provide peer to peer support.

Residents' Councils also meet to exercise several powers including, but not limited to sponsoring and planning activities, collaborating with community groups, reviewing the financial documents and operations of the LTC home, and attempting to resolve disputes.

Through the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007, every licensee of a long-term care home must ensure that a Residents' Council is established at the home. Every licensee of a long-term care home must also appoint a Residents' Council Assistant who is acceptable to that council to assist the Residents' Council.